Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday Safari - Aquatic Animals

This week in Saturday Safari, we learned about different aquatic animals including dolphins, otters, and sea snakes. Who knew that a killer whale is actually a dolphin? This is just one of the cool facts we learned on Saturday. We got to meet the Green Iguana Duke, after watching a video about Aquatic Animals. We also make our very own fish aquariums out of paper plates. We had a blast!

Michelle, Museum education

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye Rosie

In recent memory of Rosie (our rose haired tarantula),

Yesterday while on an outreach to an elementary school, a huge gust of wind knocked Rosie's cage off my cart. The lid popped off and Rosie took off, scurrying under a parked car and into a pile of leaves. I searched a while, but that 7 legged spider disappeared into the wind, along with the check from the school. Best of luck Rosie, you don't know how good you had it here.

This is Rosie before she lost one of her legs and before she decided to leave the Bean Museum.

Paige, museum educator

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saturday Safari - Snakes!

November 6th our Saturday Safari focused on the slithering world of snakes! The kids learned about many different snakes from around the world, and they also were able to see and touch five live snakes from the museum! The kids then made snakes out of pom poms, and watched a movie about snakes. It was a very fun day.

Emilie, Museum Educator

Saturday Safari - North American Animals

On October 30th we learned all about Animals that live in North America. The kids were able to play flamingo games and get treats, they had the chance to meet Petey the kingsnake, and they were able to learn all about the new bee exhibit at the museum. The kids drew a beehive to take home, and we closed by watching the Magic School Bus.

Emilie, Museum Eduator

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Night October 25, 2010

On October 25th, we had a Halloween night at the museum. The museum was filled with kids dressed as lady bugs, monsters, and sharks. The evening was filled with creepy crafts, a spooky animal show, and a scavenger hunt to find our missing tarantula Rosie! But enough of me talking about it look at the pictures below to see the fun had by all:

Emilie, Museum Educator