Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Safari - Animal Defenses

On February 26th, the Saturday Safari group learned all about animal defenses. From raccoons to the glass lizard; the kids even had a chance to meet Bandit, the Honduran Milk Snake. Bandit defends himself with his patterning; he looks like a coral snake. The craft that we worked on were sock puppets, the kids made an animal that they had learned about. We concluded watching an episode of the Magic School Bus that was about sneaky spiders and how they survive. This next week will be all about Butterflies.

Emilie, museum educator

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday Safari - Biggest & Smallest Animals

On February 19th, we spent Saturday Safari learning about the biggest and smallest animals. Did you know that the coconut crab grows up to be three feet long, with legs that are three feet long as well? We learned about elephants, squids, and tarantulas, with a special visit from our very own tarantula MJ. Our craft was very fun. We had paper plates, and the kids were able to make their paper plate look like an animal that they learned about. There were some very creative art projects. This Saturday we will be learning about Sneaky Animals and Their Defenses. It will be a blast!

Emilie, museum educator

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saturday Safari - Animal Fur

On January 29th, we had a wonderful Saturday Safari Adventure! We learned all about fur and how it helps animals survive. We were able to go up to the Education Collection in the museum, there the kids pet animals like the Arctic Fox, Bobcat and the Porcupine. They also had a chance to feel many different kinds of fur. After that, we did a wonderful craft! The kids made up their own animal and the environment that they would be living in, then, with the ever so wonderful items we have in the craft room, they were able to give that animal many different “fur” textures. This Saturday we will be learning about animals without teeth.

Emilie, Museum educator