Thursday, October 1, 2020

Bean Museum Field Trip Videos - "Using Resources"

Bean Museum Field Trip Videos 

Week 4 - "Using Resources"

In our most recent Nature Field Trip video, we talked about identifying organisms while in the field. One of the resources you can use for identification is books. We've compiled a list of identification books that are especially good for junior scientists to use. These books are available for check out from the Provo City library, but there are many others that can be found online or at other libraries.

Trees, Flowers, and other Plants

Title Trees of Utah and the intermountain West : a guide to identification and use

Author Kuhns, Michael Richard, 1955-

ISBN 9780874212440

Title Trees

Author Hickman, Pamela. author.

ISBN 9781771388047

Title Plantopedia : a celebration of nature's greatest show-offs

Author Barman, Adrienne, author, illustrator.

ISBN 9781786031396

Title Wildflowers

Author Romero, Libby, author.

ISBN 9781426329968 9781426329951

Title Botanicum

Author Willis, K. J., author.

ISBN 9780763689230

Title Trees

Author Daniels, Patricia, 1955- author.

ISBN 9781426328923 9781426328916

Title Rocky Mountain plants : trees, shrubs, wildflowers

Author Pfaffmann, Garrick.

ISBN 9781882426263

Title Great Basin wildflowers : a field guide to common wildflowers of the high deserts of Nevada, Utah, and Oregon

Author Blackwell, Laird R. (Laird Richard), 1945-

ISBN 9780762738052

Title Wild flowers of the United States and Canada.

Author Forey, Pamela. Wild flowers of North America.

ISBN 9780716642206

Title Trees

Author Coombes, Allen J.

ISBN 9780789489890

Title Utah Wildflowers : a field guide to northern and central mountains and valleys

Author Shaw, Richard J.

ISBN 9780874211702


Title The atlas of amazing birds

Author Sewell, Matt, author.

ISBN 9781616898571

Title Bird guide of North America : the best birding book for kids from a National Geographic bird expert

Author Alderfer, Jonathan K., author.

ISBN 9781426330742 9781426330735

Title Birds : discovering North American species

Author Raines, Shirley C., author.

ISBN 9781486713202

Title Birds

Author Beer, Julie, author.

ISBN 9781426323003 9781426322990

Title Look up! : bird-watching in your own backyard

Author Cate, Annette.

ISBN 9780763645618

Title National Geographic kids bird guide of North America : the best birding book for kids from National Geographic's bird experts

Author Alderfer, Jonathan K.

ISBN 9781426310942 9781426310959

Title National Geographic backyard guide to the birds of North America

Author Alderfer, Jonathan K.

ISBN 9781426207204

Title National Geographic field guide to the birds of North America

Author Dunn, Jon L. (Jon Lloyd), 1954-

ISBN 9781426208287

Title Peterson field guide to birds of Western North America

Author Peterson, Roger Tory, 1908-1996.

ISBN 9780547152707

Title Rocky Mountain birds

Author Pfaffmann, Garrick.

ISBN 9781882426287

Title Backyard birds of Utah

Author Fenimore, Bill.

ISBN 9781423603535

Title National Geographic field guide to the birds of western North America

Author Dunn, Jon L. (Jon Lloyd), 1954-

ISBN 9781426203312

Insects and Bugs

Title Dragonflies : hunting, identifying, how and where they live

Author Earley, Chris., 1968-

ISBN 9781770851856 9781770851863

Title Caterpillars : find, identify, raise your own

Author Earley, Chris., 1968-

ISBN 9781770851825 9781770851832

Title Caterpillars and butterflies

Author Trueit, Trudi Strain.

ISBN 9781608702435

Title Rocky Mountain bugs : insects and other crawly things

Author Pfaffmann, Garrick.

ISBN 9781882426324

Title Butterflies and moths

Author Carter, David J. (David James), 1943-

ISBN 9780789489838

Title Butterflies

Author Latimer, Jonathan P.

ISBN 9780395979433 9780395979440

Title Caterpillars, bugs, and butterflies

Author Boring, Mel, 1939-

ISBN 9781559714792 9781559716741

Title Peterson first guide to butterflies and moths

Author Opler, Paul A.

ISBN 9780395670729

Title The National Audubon Society field guide to North American butterflies

Author Pyle, Robert Michael.

ISBN 9780394519142

Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians

Title Kids' guide to fishing : the young angler's guide to catching more and bigger fish

Author Maas, David R., author.

ISBN 9781633223820

Title Wildlife around us : field guide & drawing book. Volume 1

Author Fisher, Diana (Diana L.), illustrator.

ISBN 9781633223837

Title Reptiles & amphibians

Author Howell, Catherine Herbert, author.

ISBN 9781426325441 9781426325458

Title National Audubon Society field guide to North American reptiles and amphibians

Author Behler, John L., author.

ISBN 9780394508245

Title National Audubon Society field guide to North American mammals

Author Whitaker, John O., author.

ISBN 9780679446316