Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wildlife Hour

This summer while we’re closed, the Bean Museum has been putting on ‘Wildlife Hour’ at local libraries. We provide programs for kids 12 years and under about animal adaptations featuring Underwater, Underground, Nocturnal, Flying and Arctic animals. The hour usually includes games, crafts, live animals, and other learning activities. Jared, a 6 year old who has come to Wildlife Hour every week so far said that his favorite part of the program are the live animals that we feature, which demonstrate these adaptations. Wildlife Hour has been a great way to continue interacting with the community while our building is closed, and it provides a fun way to keep kids learning about wildlife diversity. Sandra, a parent at Wildlife Hour says she likes the “smaller, personalized, and more focused setting” that the activities provide, she said also, “If given the choice between animals or not, we’ll take it!”


Wildlife Hour will continue through August 9th. Check with your local library to see when we’re visiting!