Thursday, January 26, 2023

Understanding Covid-19 and Change the Climate

Disco lights. Artwork. Cookies. Crowds. The upper floor of the Bean Museum was not the serious setting one would expect when thinking of museums. On January 23rd, after years of work, two new exhibits entered the scene, exhibits with a particular focus on the world we currently find ourselves in.


The first of these exhibits, Understanding COVID-19, explores the history and science behind the virus and subsequent vaccines, with a variety of interactive displays. The second, Change the Climate, delves into the changing world around us—the causes, effects, and solutions of climate change, shown in video, art, and personal examples. Both exhibits shed light on topics relevant to us today and to our future, dispelling misconceptions and encouraging responsibility and stewardship for the earth we live on. Also featured were the unique contributions of local artists, with artwork themed around the exhibits, ranging from masked watercolor animals to origami cranes to stunning art made of recycled trash.

At the opening night, members of the campus and community crowded upstairs to explore the new attractions, grab a sweet treat, and talk with the behind-the-scenes crew responsible for bringing the exhibits to life, a celebration of the museum’s continuing mission to inspire wonder, understanding, and reverence for our evolving planet.

Sage, museum educator