Saturday, April 11, 2009


On April 11, 2009 Sundance held their annual Earth fair in honor of Earth day the 21st of April. Charlotte and I were in attendance at the fair with a booth promoting the love and appreciation of nature. It was an exciting fair filled with a number of other booths, crafts and performances. While we were there Charlotte and I drank from a keg of root beer, watched little children do the Hoop dance and made a newspaper earth.

Our booth was the best out of them all. We had a couple friends with us to draw people over. He had Rosie our rose-haired tarantula, Cuddles our ball python and our lovely cockroaches. All of our animals were a hit with the visitors but with the cockroaches being the least favorite. Many people, I believe, came over their fear of spiders by letting Rosie walk across their hands.

There were even some visitors all the way from Britain that were very excited to see our animals. These lovely ladies were even kind enough to point out that “musuem” was miss-spelled on our banner. Thank goodness it was not mine or Charlotte’s fault.

All in all, the Earth fair was wonderful except for the weather. What is up with it??

Beka, Museum Educator

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