Friday, July 31, 2009

Saturday Safari Report - July 18, 2009

Who needs legs? Apparently not snakes...This past week's Saturday Safari was tons of fun! We had the opportunity to learn a lot about snakes and the traits and qualities that make them great. Lauren taught us how closely related snakes and lizards are. She even fooled us with pictures of lizards that look just like snakes. We had the play with real live snakes. The consensus between the children involved was that Cuddles (the Ball Python) was the coolest. Being the biggest snake not only helps to ensure your survival, it also makes you cool in the eyes of least this was the case with Cuddles. All in all, we owe Lauren a debt of gratitude for helping us to appreciate snakes. Overall, she taught us that snakes are our friends and not our enemies!

Michael, Museum Educator

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