Friday, February 22, 2013

Nature Experienceship - Birding with Merrill Webb

Nature Experienceship - Bald Eagles
February 9, 2013

We had another wonderful outing with Merrill Webb! The event started off with a wonderful mini-ceremony by former students of Mr. Webb in appreciation of Mr. Webb's amazing influence as a teacher. We made our way through different locales throughout the morning. Our first destination we saw a bald eagle as it was flying away. We may have missed the eagles since they appeared to be leaving the roost to in search of food. Nevertheless, we did have the opportunity to see a few of these magnificent animals. We also had the opportunity to see 14 other species of birds including the Black-crowned Night-Heron. We enjoyed wonderful doughnuts and orange muffins from Provo Bakery while we observed these incredible animals. Join us for our next experienceship with Mr. Webb. Be sure to join our email list and like our facebook page.

Michael Silva, Museum Educator

The animals we saw during the Experienceship:
- Bald Eagle
- American Wigeon
- Mallard
- Northern Shoveler
- Common Goldeneye
- Common Merganser
- Great Blue Heron
- Black-crowned Night-Heron
- Northern Harrier
- Red-tailed Hawk
- American Kestrel
- American Koot
- Eurasion Collared-Dove
- Red-winged Blackbird

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