Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wildlife Adventures - "Cave Crawlers" (Week 5)

To trogloxenes who this may concern:

Tuesday: This day we dedicated to preparing us for the awesome journey to middle earth. We learned about what lives in a cave, how the creatures are adapted to live (for example a Blindfish has to little to no eyes - literally - and has a head extra sensitive to vibrations so that the fish can navigate the black cave waters), we played Marco-Polo bat style with bats blindfolded and listening to the "eek" of their insect prey, and we found out that humans are trogloxenes (or "cave guests" we may use it as a home or to visit but not permanently). After our detailed preparation, we all readied ourselves for the field test.

Thursday: With nothing less than ecstatic excitement we made our first move at 11am. We piled in our vans, buckled up, and arrived safely to the foot of our climb. All 23 of us made the arduous, but worthwhile, journey up to Timpanogos Cave. It was amazing! Some of our favorites were the "cave bacon" (long, thin strips of calcite that forms from water running repeatedly over the same spot and it looks deliciously like bacon), stalactites and stalagmites, and thousands of tiny formations that look like curly fries covering an entire cavern. The uphill battle was well worth the amazing look into the mountain's brains (there were some crazy formations that could be compared to the inner workings of the human brain...or maybe the digestive system, it's debatable). We made our journey down happily and grateful to have seen such an amazing site. 

Mary, museum educator


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