Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tomb Raiders Date Night

On Saturday March 3, 33 couples arrived at the Bean Museum after hours to embark on a
dangerous quest . . . the quest for the crystal skull of Count Monte L. Bean! Cleopold
Reginald III, Madame Duvalt and Captain Reynolds led the explorers on their journey, who
had to collect the pieces of a map that lead to the treasure. The tomb raiders braved the
jungles of the island with Captain Reynolds and his first mate, showcasing their expertise
in shooting firearms. The Mystic certainly challenged our explorers with a puzzling maze
they had to complete before receiving her piece of the map. The Old Hag kept the tomb
raiders on their toes with her riddles, as well as by hiding a map piece on the island.
Madame Duvalt had a safe to crack, which the explorers had to discover the code for.
Cleopold Reginald III then assisted the explorers through a laser maze set up to protect the
crystal skull from thieves. All the while, the shadowguards roamed the island, capturing
explorers and sending them to frightening locations. Thankfully, everyone made it out alive,
and one couple discovered all 6 pieces of the map! Cleopold then led these two heroes to
the tomb of Count Monte L. Bean, where they discovered the crystal skull. Thank you to all
who dared join our journey, and we wish you luck on your future adventures.

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