Monday, April 1, 2024

2024 Night at the Museums Report

The most popular museum event of the year has come and gone again! On Friday, March 22, over 1000 people came through the 5 museums on BYU campus. At each museum, patrons solved a clue that directed them to a certain area within the museum where they could earn a sticker: five stickers earned the patron the grand prize of a museum tote bag! 

It was a perfect mix of educational and fun, with visitors having the opportunity to learn from biome programs, curiosity carts, and of course our museum educators ready to share! For visitors with an appetite for not just learning, we had plenty of maple bar donuts and a station with balloon animals and other creations.

Plenty of patrons had their phones out to commemorate the occasion, but for the ones that wanted something a little more professional there was a photo booth set-up complete with props that can only be found at a life science museum.

We ended up with extra donuts at the end of the event (an exciting prospect for museum workers who wanted to bring some home) but it’s also a sign that there’s always room for more visitors during our yearly Night at the Museums event!

Amy, museum educator

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