Monday, November 19, 2007

Hogle Zoo Career Day

This past weekend another museum employee and I had the opportunity to attend career day, representing the museum, at the Hogle Zoo. I was surprised that it was so much fun! On the way there, we got lost because my directions were not correct, so we had to stop and ask for directions, and we couldn’t stop laughing because we felt ridiculous. Once we arrived at the zoo, we walked in and went into the auditorium and set up our little table. It was funny because the Education Director in charge of the career day went to the University of Utah for graduate school and kept pestering us about the rivalry between the two schools.
During the time the auditorium was open for guests to get information about various jobs involving animals, we were able to talk to multiple people. It was interesting to see their faces when we asked if they had ever thought of working at a museum before. Many of them had never thought of it and were surprised there were so many jobs at a museum. But overall, Shasta was the topic of the day. Once we told people that the museum houses Shasta, they knew exactly what museum we were.
Overall, it was a lot of fun! I am pretty sure they will be doing another career day next year at the zoo, and I would definitely go because it was a good time. They also had other things going on around the zoo with lectures and live animals. It was really interesting!
Mary Ryder, Museum Educator

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