Friday, November 9, 2007

Nature Art Show

This year Ken Packer, Randy Baker and I, Julia Tian, put on the Fall 2007 Nature Art Show. We had about sixty entries from Utah artists that were juried by two judges. This was my first experience in curating, coordinating, and designing an art show. I enjoyed it enormously. Randy and I worked on the fliers, posters, newspaper ads and the initial organization of the artworks. Ken helped us finalize the artwork arrangement, and Clark assembled all the walls, hooks, frames, wires, lights, and everything else technical. The show opened my eyes to the teamwork that goes into a museum exhibition, as well as the myriad considerations that go into putting on an art show. I want to also acknowledge Katy’s and Patty’s secretaries’ contribution to the show, they were very helpful. And, of course, a huge thanks to Dr. Larry Saint Clair.
My favorite part about the show was that I got to learn so much as an artist in the art world. I was able to see other people’s styles, mediums, techniques, and personalities through their artwork. I also learned more about how judges, curators, and designers see the works of art submitted to the show, which will help me when I submit my artwork to shows in the future. Another aspect of the show that I enjoyed was thinking of it in terms of a life science museum. I had the opportunity to consider how the show would best serve the artists, the museum, the university, and the community. This Spring Randy Baker is directing the Spring 2008 Nature Photography Show, and I am very excited to work with him on that. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and/or will contribute to either show!

Julia Jin Tian, Assistant to the Graphic Designer and the Exhibits Coordinator

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