Friday, February 6, 2009

Date Night

One thing I love about the museum is that it's always trying new things. This semester it's "date nights". As an employee of the museum, I was present on the night of our scavenger hunt in the dark. It was wonderful. We had a heck of a time making the place dark (not as easy as flipping a switch, unfortunately). It was worth it though. Couples with flashlights scurried back and forth, up and down stairs, searching for animals and new clues that would lead them to the next one. And these weren't just college students either. Older couples had as much (if not more) fun as the younger ones. We even brought out some live animals at the end for anyone who was interested (which of course was everyone). So all in all, the first date night was a success, and we will have many more in the future I'm sure. But if you're interested in coming to one, you'd better put your name on the list early because people were signing up on the spot to come to the next one. They won't be disappointed.

Matt Meese, Museum Educator

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