Friday, June 27, 2014

Wildlife Adventures Week One - Water Wildlife!

Wow! We had an incredible first week of our summer WILDLIFE ADVENTURES program here at the Bean Museum. On Tuesday, we learned all about what a wetland is, why they are so important, and what kinds of plants and animals live there. Thanks to the incredible Education Collection here at the Bean, we could look at and touch all sorts of wetland specimens: muskrat, caiman, weasel, duck, mink, Woodhouse toad, rainbow trout, and so much more. Even some of our live animals came out for the experience, like Lemon the Pac-Man frog and Houdini the Ornate Box turtle!

After becoming wetland experts on Tuesday, we ventured to the Provo River Restoration Project in Wasatch County on Thursday to spot all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitat. We saw everything from coyote prints to garter snakes, from mink to blackbirds! Check out the photographic proof of our adventure!

Can you spot the garter snake sunning himself on the rock?

A family of goslings for an afternoon swim.

A mink pup! He came right up to us to say hello, before his mother came to drag him off! (Probably to remind him not to talk to strangers!)

Cattails and a yellow-headed blackbird in the distance.

A caterpillar who tried to hitchhike with us. Smile little guy!

A beautiful day at the pond.

Josh was an excellent tour guide. Thanks Josh!

A beaver has done some damage to this log here. They have to always be chewing on something or their teeth would grow forever!

Stay tuned for more pictures and news about Wildlife Adventures for the rest of the summer! It's not too late to register for some of our later programs. Coming up....

The Bee's Knees - July 8 & 10
Reptile Retreat - July 15 & 17
Feathered Friends - July 29 & Aug 1
Cave Crawlers - Aug 5 & 7

For more summer fun, come and visit the Bean Museum, Monday through Saturday!

Museum Educator

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