Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wildlife Adventures Week Four - Reptile Retreat

This week we had a great time at Wildlife Adventures. On Tuesday our focus was on reptiles, we talked about the main characteristics of reptiles. How they have scales, are ectothermic, and usually lay eggs. We also had the opportunity to look at several live animals, including two very large animals, Simon the Red Tegu Lizard and Oatis the African Spurred Tortoise. After we were through with the discussion about the Reptiles we went through the museum and looked at the various reptiles, we even had a chance to practice our ability in telling the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. We also had a fun time creating our own snakes out of tube socks and rice.

On Thursday our focus changed from modern day reptiles to their ancient relatives—the dinosaurs. To do this we visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. We had a great time and got to do a variety of activities at the museum, we say how much we weighed in relation to the dinosaurs. We also got a good look at the variety of the dinosaurs and tried to figure out which animals were truly related to modern day reptiles. One of our favorite animals was a prehistoric sea turtle that was about 15 feet long from head to tail. We also got a chance to see how the way that reptiles looked changed over time from there beginnings to the modern day. At the end of the trip we got the opportunity to practice our paleontology skills. Everyone got a real fish fossil and was able to trace it with an air powered drill and they even got to keep the fossil.

Overall we had a great time on our Wildlife Adventure this week and we hope that you can join us for more in the future.

Brendon, museum educator

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