Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wildlife Adventures Week Three - The Bees Knees

Week 3 of our Wildlife Adventures program was buzzing with fun!  In our Tuesday class this week, we learned about how important bees are for the world around us and we learned about the social network of a beehive.  We even learned how bees communicate with each other and helped our classmates find different animals that we hid by dancing to show the direction.  We quickly learned the specific clues to look for to know where to look.  Our hive definitely learned to work together like the bees we learned about.

Our field trip on Thursday was definitely a treat!  We went to The Honey Company here in Provo and learned about bees from an expert!  He taught us how beekeepers find the beehive if they are looking for new bees and  then we got all dressed up in beekeeper's gear to get close to the hives!  In the hives we were able to see the different parts of the hive including where the baby bees are growing!  Our friend the beekeeper then took us to where he extracts the honey and showed us the whole process.  We were even able to taste fresh honey from the hive which was definitely a yummy treat!  At the end he even gave us each some honey to take home to share with our families.  After learning about the bees from the expert, we went bee hunting ourselves and caught many different ones.  After lots of fun catching bees, we decided to look at them under a microscope to see if we could find specific parts of the bees.  It was a great week in Wildlife Adventures and the trip to The Honey Company was definitely the sweetest part!

Check back this coming week to read about our "Reptile Retreat" adventure!  It's still not too late to register for some of our later programs this summer!

Feathered  Friends - July 29 & July 31
Cave Crawlers - Aug 5 & 7

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Heather, museum educator

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