Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Family Night

The monday before easter we had our annual family night at the museum. This year we had an easter egg scavenger hunt, the guests had to use their eyes to find all the eggs in the museum for a candy prize. We divided the eggs into levels of easy (green eggs) medium (yellow eggs) and hard (pink and orange eggs). There were a total of 35 eggs hidden in the musum, 5 green, 10 yellow and 20 pink and orange. The conservation kids came to visit and gave out the candy prizes as well as hints.

While the guests were not loking for eggs we had other activities for them like the cocaroach and tarantula game, we had them in their terrariums and placed candy inside to test the gusts bravery to place their hands on the inside to get their candy reward. We also had Nathan Hawks drawing cariacatures of guests who  completed one of the egg search levels. We had our head mout photo booth with items from our educatiuon collection to pose with for fabulous pictures. In our crafts room guests could make bunny ears head bands with paper, crayons, glue and pipe cleaners. We also had two live animal shows presented by Hailey Brown and Nathan Hawks

It was a full house, over 1000 people came to visit for the family night. Many people found the eggs they were looking for and signed up on our e-mail list to take part in a survey to let us know how the museum is doing. We had great success and look forward to more to come!

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