Monday, June 20, 2016

Wildlife Adventures: Water Wildlife Edition

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum's annual Wildlife Adventures summer program kicked off this week with Water Wildlife!  Classes began Tuesday when our young naturalists learned about the wetlands of Utah and why they are an important part of our ecosystems, specifically identifying what plants and animals are native to Utah and why they are found there.  Additionally, they discussed how wetlands are critical in filtering the thousands of gallons of water that run through their systems daily. But enough talk - after our discussion, our young scientists were able to put their knowledge to the test to build their own wetlands to see who could filter the cleanest water!  It was a day filled of laughter, smiles...and a couple of wet shirts.  
On Thursday, our educators and kids explored the wetlands found in our own backyard. After travelling to Cascade Springs and Bridal Veil Falls, our young naturalists were able to experience first hand what a wetland looks, smells, feels and sounds like (but no worries, we didn't do any tasting).  As we looked at how well Cascade Springs naturally filters the water, a child exclaimed, "Wow!  I can't believe how wetlands can keep the water so clean and clear!"  The kids were then able to wade in the shallow waters at the edge of Bridal Veil Falls and feel the cold temperatures from natural springs.  Not only did our young scientists explore the water, they were able to identify various Utah water wildlife like backswimmers, turkey vultures, butterflies, squirrels, and plant life.

We can't wait for you to join us this week with our next edition of Wildlife Adventures: Rock On!

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