Monday, June 27, 2016


Wildlife adventures rocked this week...literally. Our group of adventurers learned all about who studies rocks, what rocks are made of, and the rock cycle through numerous fun activities.  Our kids were able to make their own metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks out of crayon shavings to demonstrate how the three rock types are formed. And even though it's the middle of June, we were able to experience our very own Easter egg hunt! Each hidden egg had a rock in it, so after all the eggs were  collected, the group used their new knowledge about rocks to guess what type of rock formation it was. 

On Thursday, our young explorers took a field trip to three different locations: the Eyring Science Center, the Museum of Paleontology, and Rock Canyon. At the science center, the group learned more about all of the rocks on display and was able to play with the exhibits. We also learned all about how fossils are formed between rocks at the Museum of Paleontology. Finally, we took a hike up rock canyon to learn about the importance of weathering and erosion in canyon formation. 

After such a fun week, there is only one thing to say…geology rocks!

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