Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wildlife Adventures: Well Ain't That the Bee's Knees!

We had a ton of fun learning about bees and how important they are during The Bees Knees week of Wildlife Adventures! On Tuesday, we all got together to learn about different kinds of bees, how honey is made, and how bees help give humans the food they need to survive. We learned what an insect is, and saw the difference between an insect and a non-insect by meeting Gunther the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and Emma the Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula! We also crafted together a game using pompoms, cups and glitter. We had a fun time designing our own bees!
On Thursday, we explored Utah Central Gardens in Orem, where we looked for different species of bees among the flowers. We saw honey bees, American bumble bees, tri-colored bumble bees, and even some mason and orchard bees! We also got a great tour of the gardens, teaching us about water conservation and some of the plants.
After wearing ourselves out at the gardens, we came back to the Bean Museum, where Albert from Wasatch Honey was waiting. He had a great presentation to teach us more about beekeeping, and he even brought with him an observation hive with real bees! He brought us honey on the comb for us to taste, and all the kiddos got to try on a bee suit. What an experience!
Both days we had a lot of fun and games and learning, and can't wait for next year! 
Join us next week for the next edition of Wildlife Adventures!

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