Monday, March 20, 2017

Tombraiders! The Date Night

Twice a year the Bean Museum hosts a date night for couples who are looking for a little extra adventure in their lives. Those who participated in this semester’s date night at the Bean Museum were faced with many terrible dangers as they hunted for the fabled Crystal Skull of Count Monte L. Bean.
In the search to complete their maps that would lead them to the tomb where the skull was kept, the raiders were expected to safely make their way through a hallway full of laser beams, crack the code to a safe, beat the clock in a race to escape a mind boggling maze, test their shooting abilities in a training course, and avoid the devilish shadow guards, all while solving riddles throughout the night. Only the bravest raiders made it out alive!

After completing the challenges, and earning all six map pieces to complete their map, one couple was led deep into the catacombs of the museum to retrieve the Crystal Skull.  It was then brought back to the base camp where the rest of the raiders could celebrate their victory and safe return!

Shadow Guards in their lair

 The Mystic's Maze

Madam Duvalt's Safe

 Madam Duvalt and the Crystal Skull 

The very spooky Bean Team

The not so spooky Bean Team

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