Monday, June 19, 2017

Wildlife Adventures: Water Wildlfe

The Bean Life Science Museum’s annual Wildlife Adventures kicked off 2 weeks ago Wetland Adventure Camp! Beginning on Tuesday, June 6th, nine lucky adventurers got to spend their afternoon at the Bean learning about all different kinds of wetland critters, ranging from the humble backswimmer to the majestic moose. In addition to this, our wetland adventurers also got to take part in various crafts and activities such as; building their own wetlands out of clay, creating their own wetland animals, and making a frog craft that is sure to bring entertainment for days to come!

The following Thursday is when the real fun began for our adventurers, as we took them out to see the incredible Cascade Springs! After a bumpy ride in the van, the kids were excited to see all the awesome wetlands that Cascade Springs had to offer and spent a majority of their time drawing what they saw and examining the different things they found floating around in the water. Our adventurers were also given a BINGO sheet with lots of different wetland animals in its squares. Once an adventurer spotted an animal, he could cross it off his bingo sheet. Lots of our adventures got bingos! and as a result, got a double high five from our very own adventure, Maren Hatch.

Finally, as the day came to a close, our adventurers made one last stop at Bridal Veil falls, where they played in the water and discovered just how cold snow melt can really be! At the end of the day, our adventurers were tired, but needless to say, they had a ton of fun!     

Andy, museum educator

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