Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Junior Naturalist Summer Camp Part 2

One of the many summer camps offered by the Monte L Bean Museum is the Junior Naturalist Summer Camp - a week long event in which we join with Thanksgiving Point to give children an opportunity to collect, identify and display a variety of plants and animals that can be found in the area! We visited a number of locations where the young scientists were able to search for and capture their very own bugs and plants! The youth then had the opportunity to learn how to pin the insects they had caught, allowing them to create a display box of insects - and many pressed plants - including all of their findings through the week. They were even given the chance to visit the private scientists in the Bean and see some professional insect and plant displays! Thanksgiving Point later helped them identify all that they had found, giving the children a fun chance to return to the Bean Museum and put all of their findings on display for - not only family and friends - but all visitors of the Bean Museum! It was truly a fun and gratifying experience!

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