Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wildlife Adventures: The Bees Knees

 During the Bee’s Knees Wildlife Adventure, kids got to learn firsthand about honey bees. We went to a local beekeeper who took the children to view the hives from a distant. They could see the bees flying to and from the hives. He taught them about what the bees do in the winter and showed them how he collected honey. They were able to actually look at a portion of the hive and see how the bees make and store the honey. They were also able to try their own honeycomb. Yum!
We were also able to learn from our resident insect expert Shawn Clark. The children were able to tour one of our insect collections that are used for research. The children were able to choose and then view their own favorite insect and then many more different types of insects including praying mantises, cicadas, beetles, and other various insects.

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