Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pokemon Go Night

The Bean Museum hosted its first ever Pokemon Go Night on Saturday, March 23, 2019 to celebrate the opening of our new exhibit, "Understanding the Principles of Evolution." Individuals and families were able to participate in a scavenger hunt and a Pokemon Go tournament, while exploring how evolution really works.

The scavenger hunt was great for people of all ages, especially for those who didn't have a phone to play Pokemon Go. Visitors explored the museum to find the animal that matched the Pokemon on their paper. Each corresponding animal found in the exhibits had a word associated with it. After finding all the words and unscrambling them, visitors presented the phrase to museum staff to get their prize!

The prizes for completing the scavenger hunt were a Pokeball cookie and an exclusive animal card made especially for this event!

Pokemon Go players, ready to test their skills, participated in a trainer battle tournament. People came from all over, even an hour away to compete. 48 players signed up and the group was split between the Sword and Shield Brackets. It was a tough battle, but two people came out on top.

The winner of the Sword Bracket was "LMusgrave" and the winner of the Shield Bracket was "CKFxD." Each of the winners received a voucher for free ice cream from the BYU Creamery and a Pokeball cookie! Lures were going all night long so trainers were able to catch Pokemon during the event.

It was a fun night at the Bean Museum where families and friends were able to get together to battle, solve riddles, catch Pokemon, and eat cookies all while enjoying the Museum's exhibits. Thanks to everyone who came out and to the employees who made this event happen. Visit our website to see what's happening next at the Bean Museum and for more information on the new "Understanding the Principles of Evolution" Exhibit.

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