Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's "bean" going on?

 What’s new at the Bean Museum?

Hello all! It has been a moment since we have updated you all. The museum is up and running for the new Winter semester on campus. The museum hours are still limited due to COVID-19 protocols. We are open from 2pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday and 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. It is still required that all guests wear their mask and that it covers both the mouth and the nose. This helps keep everyone safe and helps the museum doors stay open to all of you! We appreciate your understanding during this unique time. Just like all animals in nature, we too must adapt!

Can’t make it into the museum? There are still lots of online programs going on! Come and watch Life Science Live every Friday at 11AM on Facebook with Brie! Field Trip Science videos are being released every Friday from Maren and Sarah. Each video includes an activity for you to try at home! Organism of the Week videos are coming out on Mondays! Did you know that the Bean Museum now has a podcast? We sure do! Come and listen in as various science professionals are interviewed about their work. Y Life Science Podcast is on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so be sure to check it out.

Are you sad about Night of the Museums? Fear not! This year we will be doing March at the Museums! Come visit each of the BYU museums and solve each puzzle. You will have one month to visit each museum and complete the challenge! There are awesome water bottles on the line. Visit one museum each week of the month of March and you’ve got it.

In other news Bioboxes and FHE Monday programs with educators are all the rage! The educators are all booked up for Family Home Evening into May! We are so glad that we are getting to see so many families. Sign up if you would like to spend your Monday family night with an educator over Zoom. Bioboxes are also booked nearly through the whole school year. Due to COVID-19 protocols we are sanitizing the Bioboxes thoroughly. This means there is a little bit of a longer turn around for boxes. Remember that these boxes can also be checked out in the summer! Check for availability on our website.

It is great seeing you all back in the museum! Remember that if your child completes a Zoom program with an educator at their school that there are Bio-cards that correspond with each program! Have your child find an educator and we would love to give them the Bio-cards that go with their grade’s science standards.

See you around the museum! 

Sarah, museum educator

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