Friday, November 18, 2022

2022 Clue Date Night Recap

 30 couples got out their magnifying glasses and donned their trench coats for the Bean Life Science Museum’s Clue Date Night on November 12, 2022. The night started as many romantic evenings do: delicious food, mood music, and rumors being spread by the maids. The rumors on this particular night? “Who are these six strange characters invited by Monte L. Bean? And where has he gone?” Tragically, Mr. Bean would never arrive to his own banquet, as it was soon discovered that he had be murdered - in his own museum!

After a quick briefing, the 30 pairs of detectives set to work, faced with a task of utmost consequence: determine the location and weapon used in the murder, and ultimately rout out Mr. Bean’s killer. These quick-thinking sleuths had to parse riddles, use reason and logic, and deduce the truth from the six whose motives were anything but honest.

Miss Scarlet and Mr Green assisting our detectives in determining who could have possibly committed this unthinkable act.

One of the maids – in the face of unparalleled horror – bravely helping detectives as they examine the possible murder weapons.

After arduous examination, two extraordinarily clever detectives determined the facts of the evening: Mr. Bean was murdered on the patio, with the hippo tusk, by none other than hunting master, Colonel Mustard. The seemingly daft old-timer concocted a villainous plot as revenge against Mr. Bean for failing to tell his guests that the Colonel had trophied most of what was on display (medical professionals later determined that the Colonel is a pathological liar. He is also probably not a military-designated Colonel). After a daring pursuit by Mr. Bean’s employed, the criminal was caught. Justice and cake were served.

The team of winning sleuths, with Mr. Bean’s six strange acquaintances. 

The face of a guilty man.

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