Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Photo Show

Our annual Nature Photography Competition and Exhibiton has begun. First presented on the 18th of February and open till  the 2nd of April. Photographers from all over, mostly Utah, submit some of their best work. Photos of nature from all over the world are displayed. The categories are: Bird Wildife, Animal wildife (wait birds aren't animals!?), Nature, Man & Nature, Landscape and Water. Some of the photos are available for sale, see the tags underneath if you are interested.
The hope for this is to show visitors the diversity and beauty of this wonderful earth which our Father in heaven has created for us. The thing that is great abvout photography is that anyone can really do it and anyone can appreciate it. Espescially nature photography! Seeing these images hopefully will help you gain an appreciation for nature. There is so much to see and we only have to look around and pay a little extra attention.  There are many photos to look at, come stay a while, bring a friend or a date and this is something that can be really special to do together.

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