Monday, February 15, 2016

Night at the Museums

Friday night in Provo is usually a night where many students get together and go explore Provo, get food, listen to music, hang out, go on dates, avoid homework etc. On the 29th of January all 5 museums at BYU were open late for this event. Some of the highlights included treats and scavenger hunts at all the museums along with live music at the Museum of Art and live animal shows here at the Bean Museum. People could use the shuttles to get around between the museums.
At the Bean Museum we had guests play games like stick your hand in the cage of a Chillean Rose hair Tarantula and then you could win a piece of candy. Some brave souls placed their hand into the lair of a hairy arachnid or a hissing insect. Which are both actually harmless, most of the time the animals would just sit theire motionless.

We gave out Maple bar doughnuts. People searched the museum for answers to the scavenger hunt which has questions from all five museums.

 We also had a photo booth where guests could stick their head through a hole to look like a taxidermied head or pose with props from our collection to look like they belong in the museum.
 We had two live animal shows presented by our educators, Colton and Keith. Keith presented a show about animal adaptations and how animals have changed over time to help them survive. Colton presented a show that taught about Utah's diversity of ecosystems and wildlife. Our live animals were shown off and people enjoyed interacting with and learning about them. Visitors got to see and learn about ball pythons, bearded dragons, pac-man frogs, chillean rose hair tarantulas, and box turtles, to name a few!

We had over 1200 people attend the Monte L. Bean Life scince museum alone! That is 300 people more than last year. It was a fun evening and we are excited to see what will be coming next year!

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