Monday, April 4, 2016

BYU Student Employee of the Year Award

Did you know that every year there is a competition for BYU student employees to get not only the "employee of the month award" but an award as the "best employee on campus for the whole year!?" No big deal right? No way! Nathan Hawks, one of our museum educators, was nominated by Katy Knight and turns out he won! Here is the clip from Y News:
"The Bean Museum's Katy Knight is the proud supervisor of this year's BYU Student Employee of the Year. Nathan Hawks is a lab assistant who presents live animal shows, gives tours and many other things. Katy said, "Nathan's talents in a variety of areas makes him one of the most unique, dynamic, and valuable employees I've ever had at the museum. His outgoing and approachable personality make him valuable as a docent, his knowledge about animals and science allow him to focus on teaching students and patrons rather than content or script."  

Way to go Nathan for being the best student Employee at BYU and always doing your best to make the Bean Museum a better place. He is in no way prideful or arrogant, he just does what he can and what is needed. If you haven't seen a show from him or participated in discovery drawing then you best be coming to do that.

Nathan's nomination will now move on to a state student employee competition. And if he rises to the top of that, he will be entered in a national competition. Nathan is great and we invite you to come and meet him and see for yourself!

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