Monday, April 18, 2016

Conservation Kids

Conservation Ken and Conservation Katy are the Conservation Kids, super heros that are based on Katy Knight, head of the education department at the Bean Life Science Museum and Ken Packer,  exhibits designer. These super heros can be found all over the museum as cartoon versions. They also can be seen in person on the first saturday of every month from 2-3pm. The purpose of the Conservation kids is to educate patrons about ways they can help protect the planet. Shanna Dungan, former educator, created some short videos about the Conservation Kids. These can be found on  youtube as well as with the links below.
The Conservation kids also appear at various events at the Bean Museum, they often ask patrons questions about how they can help protect the planet and award the guests with candy, tickets or bookmarks.
The hope is to do more with the Conservation Kids to reach out to guests as well as community members in helping all become better Stewards of the Planet, which is the overarching theme of the museum.

 Origin Story

Ep. 1 Reduce

Ep. 2 Reuse

Ep. 3 Recycle

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