Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey Parents...Let's Be Websmart!

Parents - you've been teaching your kids since they came out of the womb how to safely use the Internet.  Hopefully, you've also taught them about the fantastic resources available online.  The Bean Museum's website offers countless opportunities for you and your children to learn more about animals, the environment, and taking care of our Earth.
One of the most exciting features the museum has to offer are the daily live animal shows, a 30-40 minute presentation based on Utah's State Science Core curriculum and catered to all ages.  You can register for your own private animal show, in the museum or your own home, right here. Free in-house shows are offered Monday-Friday at 7:30 pm as well as Monday nights at 6:30 and Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00.
Not only can you schedule live animal shows on our website, but you can access our online audio tour to play from your mobile device as you browse the museum.  The audio tour includes facts about our many exhibits and is recorded by Studio C's talented comedian Matt Meese.  After all, what's better than a free tour with Matt Meese?  (If you're sick of Scott Sterling and would prefer a free private tour on-site, you can register for that here.)
Teachers, if you can't find time in your schedule to visit the museum, we can bring the museum to school!  Our Bio Boxes offer mounted specimens from the museum's education collection, as well as "biofacts," or animal skin, feathers, eggs, antlers, bones, etc.  These serve as a useful teaching resource to supplement any biology-based lesson.
Additionally, the website provides opportunities to register for special summer programs such as Junior Naturalist Summer Camp (partnered with Thanksgiving Point), Nature Experiences, and Wildlife Adventures.
For you Den leaders out there, the website also provides a great resource for earning the Museum Patch.  The Museum Patch was designed to motivate scouts to gain a greater appreciation and knowledge of the life sciences. By completing the requirements for this patch, scouts can expand their minds, search their interests and gain a better understanding of the living world.
Hopefully, you've learned a little more about what the museum's website has to offer you and your families.  With the right teaching tools, we can make learning about biology fun!

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