Monday, May 16, 2016

I Bet You Didn't Know...

So guys.  I bet you didn't know blue whales' tongues weigh as much as adult elephants.  I bet you also didn't know scorpions glow in the dark under ultraviolet light!  But did you know that the museum has its own set of collectible bookmarks?

Every three months, the museum releases a new bookmark, collectible just for coming in! Each bookmark highlights something unique or interesting about our museum, be it microscopic fungi or gigantic Galapagos tortoises.  In order to take them all home, make sure to make the Bean Museum part of your monthly routine.   For you book worms (and for you not-so-book-worms who can use this as a great teaching tool or, you know, campfire fuel) - the hunt awaits!  We can't wait to see how many YOU can collect!

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