Monday, May 9, 2016

Discovery Reading

Who here likes to read?  I sure do.  And what's better than reading about animals (besides ice cream)?
If you're looking for an interactive, educational activity for your wiggly preschoolers, join us every Thursday at 11:00 in the education classroom for Discovery Reading! Featuring books such as Giraffes Can't Dance, Discovery Reading is a chance each week to inspire your children to discover their captivating world.
Giraffes Can't Dance
When reading, educators supplement engaging picture books with animals from the museum, sparking questions from all of our young readers. You'd be surprised by what they'll learn each week at Discovery Reading!  Not only will Discovery Reading help your children explore their senses and surroundings for an hour every week, it's a perfect platform to launch your own teaching.  Who knows what they'll come home wanting to know?

We can't wait to see you this Thursday at 11:00 in the education classroom!

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