Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Junior Naturalist Summer Camp

The Bean Museum offers many opportunities to learn in fun ways during the summer through awesome summer camps. Junior Naturalist Summer Camp is one of the favorites because the kids get to spend part of the time at Thanksgiving Point and the other part at the Bean Museum. They learned what it is like to be a real scientist by going on a field trip on Tuesday to collect bugs and plants to start their own collection, just like the curators at the museum. Though butterflies can be tricky to catch, each kid was quick enough to catch two of them! On Wednesday they pinned their bugs and pressed and glued their plants so that they could identify the species. Friday they came to the Bean Museum to share what they learned with patrons at the museum. This process (collecting, preparing, identifying, and sharing) is how scientists experiment and study the natural world. Our campers did a great job with understanding and applying each of these steps. They could make excellent scientists some day!

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