Saturday, June 23, 2018

BYU Museums Camp 2018

For the past two weeks, the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum took part in BYU's Museum Camp. This camp invites young teenagers to experience BYU's four museums, in order to see and appreciate the various collections and the impact they have on the community. The youth participants had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of all of the museums, and spoke with museum employees to expand their knowledge in regards to critical thinking, exhibit design, educational programs, and writing skills.
In order to prep for creating their own exhibits, the participants came to the Bean Life Science Museum to learn about education and outreach. First, the participants toured the research collections where they learned why collecting of specimens is important to education and science. Second, they toured with an expert who explained the process of exhibit design and the hard work that goes into making an exhibit fun and educational to all ages of the public. Lastly, they were able to visit with a museum educator to discuss the various educational shows and programs the museum offers, why they are in place, and even got to participate in their very own private live animal show! These experiences provided a great opportunity for the campers to gain their own ideas to incorporate education and outreach into their exhibits.
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