Saturday, June 23, 2018

Critter Camp- Air Edition

This past week we had a blast with our little 4-6 year old adventurers! On Tuesday, June 19, we spent the day at the museum, learning all about which animals fly, the anatomy of birds, and even pollination, plus so much more! The kids flew paper airplanes to learn about how things fly, and colored pages as we talked about the important things birds have that make them different and allow them to fly. We ended the day playing a flying animal matching game.

On Thursday, we left the museum to explore the outdoors. We traveled to Highland Glen Park and saw so many different flying animals, such as honey bees, butterflies, a Forester's tern, a scrub jay, mallard ducks, and barn swallows! The kids loved walking around and identifying the animals from their field guides. We then travelled to the BYU Botany Pond to get a closer look at ducks, turtles, and even some adorable ducklings.

At the end of the day, the tired kids came back to the museum for a special presentation by our educator Allie, who volunteers at a bird sanctuary. She brought some special friends for the kids to see, Candyce the Peregrine Falcon and _______ the Great Horned Owl. Such an incredible experience!

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