Saturday, June 16, 2018

Critter Camp- Water Edition

Week two of Critter Camp was all about water critters! On the first day the kids were in the Bean Museum learning about water critters in many interactive ways. We began their ocean discoveries down in the darkest depths of the ocean. We learned how angler fish catch their food and then swam up a bit higher to learn about animals that lived near the surface of the ocean. We also made own swordfish noses and see what it takes to hunt like a swordfish. We also got to experience the trials baby sea turtles face getting to the ocean through a relay race. We had to hop over crabs, swerve around rocks, and duck under birds. One of their favorite parts was getting to meet some of the water critters that live at the Bean Museum. We finished the day off with a hunt around the museum for different wetland animals.

On the second day of camp, the kids piled into vans to go on an adventure. After a fun car ride of singing Disney tunes, we arrived at Cascade Springs. We journeyed across the boardwalks and through the trails in search of water critters and saw lots of cool plants along the way! One of our favorite plants was Lamb’s Ear because it was so soft to pet! We enjoyed seeing the habitat where water critters live and seeing a few animals too!

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