Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nature Experienceship - Insects with Dr. Shawn Clark

For our Nature Experienceship this week Dr. Clark took us up Provo Canyon to South Fork Park. It was a pretty warm day, perfect for catching some insects. We headed off the beaten path into the brush and grasses. We also looked near a stream for more insects. We had sweeping nets that we used to sweep back and forth in the low-lying vegetation. By sweeping with the nets we were able to catch many of the small insects that live in the area. We found grasshoppers, leaf hoppers, box elder bugs, damsel flies, and many others. Dr. Clark is an expert in his field and was especially helpful in identifying and telling us more about the insects we found. After spending some time in the canyon, we drove back to the museum for a special tour of the insect collection. Dr. Clark showed us some of our favorite insects as well as some that he found interesting. The whole experienceship was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. 

Keith, Museum Educator

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