Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wildlife Adventures - "The Bees Knees" (Week 3)

Last week’s ‘Wildlife Adventure’ we learned all about bees and the important roles that they play in the world around us! Tuesday’s adventure was centered mostly on learning all that we could about bees while here at the museum. We learned the different types of bees, the importance of bees and how they communicate with one another. We were also able to discuss how insects (like bees) differ from other animals and all of the kids were even able to meet the museum’s very own tarantula, Tara! Though there was a lot to be learned, we were sure to leave plenty of time for fun and games as well. Between the “bee scavenger hunt” (in which the kids searched to find tiny paper bees hidden all throughout the museum) and the “waggle dance game” (in which the kids formed “colonies” and attempted to communicate with each other by preforming their very own “waggle dances”) Tuesday’s adventure was definitely a blast!

On Thursday we took a field trip to learn about bees from an expert! It was a beautiful, sunny day-perfect for beekeeping! Stan Moulton comes from a long line of beekeepers and he was able to show us the entire process of making honey. The kids were able to harvest the honeycomb (while wearing their very own protective beekeeping suits), divide the honey from the wax, spin the honeycomb in a centrifuge (to extract the honey) and even sample the honey when it was ready! Yum!
Upset that you missed out on this buzz-worthy adventure? Don’t fret, we still have space left in next week’s ‘Feathered Friends’ adventure in which will be learning all about birds! Don’t miss out!

Cori, Museum Educator


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