Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wildlife Adventures - Rock On (Week 2)

On July 7th & 9th, the Bean Life Science Museum's Wildlife Adventures had a great time as we learned about rocks and minerals in this weeks adventure entitled "ROCK ON". We had a great time in the museum on Tuesday as we learned about the rock cycle and took a mini-field trip to the Eyering Science Center, where we saw a whole lot of different rock types and a load of fossils as well. On Thursday we put what we learned to the test and went off to see rocks in the wild as well as see the Rock cycle in action as we visited Cascade springs, a picturesque mountain retreat where erosion and weathering are shown up close and personal. Even though the weather turned a little sour, does that mean that wildlife adventures comes to an end? Of course not! They just find somewhere else to go adventuring! Adventures are to be had both indoors and outdoors, so we stopped by BYU's paleontology museum and saw more great examples of the rock cycle in both modern and ancient life. Now you may be asking yourself, "gosh darnet, why didn't i get to go on this fantastic rock-themed adventure? is there anything i can do to remedy my lack of adventurous experiences?" Well of course there is! Wildlife adventures continues! For more information on Wildlife Adventures and other museum activities please visit our website! Keep on rockin'!

Nathan, Museum Educator

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